Welcome of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport

The themes of the WCPAM2017 Conference, which we have the pleasure and the honor to host in Italy, are of current and central interest not only in our country, but also all over the world: the goals of a social and economic nature of a country must in fact find consistency first in the quality, safety and efficiency of existing infrastructures. Methodologies, techniques, innovative technologies, and existing infrastructure management and maintenance tools, as well as the criteria and logic of spending on resources, indeed insufficient, must be constantly updated and improved so that they can support all the industry players in the difficult task of identifying and implementing the most appropriate actions.

In this context, WCPAM2017 will present the occasion to develop a profitable debate, comparison and exchange of scientific, technical and managerial knowledge and experience in worldwide scale. The Conference will also establish an opportunity to bring to the attention of the International Community the important initiatives that the current Italian Government is implementing in the awareness of the importance and strategic nature of the existing infrastructure for the country’s growth and sustainable development.

The extraordinary beauty of the places where the Conference will take place will be the best frame for this very important event.

So on behalf of the Government, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and my personal, I would like to express the most vivid wishes of a fruitful and profitable WCPAM2017.

Graziano Delrio
Ministro delle Infrastrutture e dei Trasporti

Welcome of the RECTOR of Politecnico di Milano

To the participants of the
World Conference on Pavement and Asset Management (WCPAM2017)

The Politecnico di Milano is pleased to host the World Conference on Pavement and Asset Management (WCPAM2017).
This conference is part of the panorama of scientific and educational interests of our university and of the fruitful exchanges internationally active to promote, disseminate and enhance the culture and knowledge in a field of such high strategic value for all countries.
In this context, the Politecnico di Milano, with the organization of WCPAM2017, offers its contribution to bring together international experts in the field, involving not only the academy but the entire set of stakeholders in the management of transport infrastructure, in order to complement each other’s experiences and different approaches to the issues, generating an extraordinary opportunity for discussion, exchange and immediate professional growth.
The beautiful places which will host the event constitute a further element of attractiveness of the event.

On behalf of the Politecnico di Milano, while wishing an active and wide participation to WCPAM2017, I am pleased to give a warm welcome greeting and a very profitable congressional work.

Ferruccio Resta
Rector of Politecnico di Milano