Chair and Committees

maurizio crispino

Conference chair

Maurizio Crispino 
Politecnico di Milano (Italy)

Vice chairs

Gerardo Flintsch
Virginia tech (USA)

Luis de Picado Santos
Instituto Superior Tecnico – Lisboa (Portugal)

Steering committee

M. Crispino, G.Flintsch, L. de Picado Santos, K. Zimmermann, S. Tighe,
K. Feighan, T. Linder, L. Gaspar

Local Organizing Committee (Politecnico di Milano)

M. Crispino, E. Toraldo, F. Giustozzi, F. Fiori, S. Alberti, E.Mariani, M. Magnoni,
E. A. Taziani, M. Ketabdari

Scientific Committee

P. Lepert, H. Zarghampour, S. Costello, L. Ningyuan

Public Relations & International Promotion Committee

J. R. Marcobal Barranco, L. Hawker, O. Smadi, L. Rogridguez

Young Professional / Student challenge & Events Committee

S. Erlingsson, A. Chamorro, S. McNeil

Liasons with International Associations Committee

O. Gutierrez-Bolivar, D. Hein

Liasons with Companies Committee

H. Slawek, G. Rada