14:00 – 18.00

WCPAM – FAA PAVEAIR Workshop – 4 hours
Speaker: Albert Larkin

Session 1 (2 hours):
1. Introduction
2. What is a Pavement Management System?
4. Demonstration of FAA PAVEAIR Functions

Session 2 (2 hours):
1. Introduction of FAA PAVEAIR Version 3.0
2. Presentation on the FAA Extended Pavement Life Project
3. Questions & Comments

Building a Successful Pavement Management Program – 4 hours
Instructors: Katie Zimmerman, Omar Smadi, Hamid Zarghampour

As a key part of a transportation asset management program, pavement management must use tools and processes that can adapt to new technology, new construction and design practices, and innovative ways of delivering a pavement program. This tutorial offers effective strategies for building a robust, comprehensive, and credible pavement management program that addresses your agency’s needs.

The tutorial includes two 2-hour sessions that will cover the following topics:

Session 1: Data and Analysis Tools (2 hours)
1. Managing and coordinating data collection efforts.
2. Integrating data so it addresses agency needs.
3. Building performance models that reflect local conditions and practices.
4. Developing strategies to reduce the annual cost of system preservation.

Session 2: Implementation and Results (2 hours)
1. Using modern tools for monitoring under a maintenance contract.
2. Build buy-in for pavement management recommendations among agency leadership and elected officials.
3. Identifying needed enhancements using a gap analysis.

Challenges and Opportunities for Incorporating Sustainability into Pavement Management Program – 4 hours
Instructors: Gerardo Flintsch, Susan Tighe, Hamid Zarghampour

The increased emphasis on achieving sustainability in all sectors of our society has created a series of important challenges and opportunities for pavement and asset management.  The tutorial will cover the basic principles of sustainability, tools that can be used for making more sustainable pavement management decisions and examples of effort of road asset management for sustainable development in developed and developing countries.

The tutorial includes two 2-hour sessions that will cover the following topics:

Session 1: Basic Principles and Tools (2 hours)
1.       Basic principles and dimensions of sustainability
2.       Sustainability rating tools, including life cycle thinking.
3.       Life cycle cost analysis.
4.       Environmental and social safeguards

Session 2: Examples (2 hours)
1.      Challenges and opportunities: The Canadian Experience.
2.      Challenges and opportunities: Developing countries.
3.      The impact of international collaboration: United States/ European Commission twining